‘There is a fantasy place in the mind of each artists where we can found interesting kind of distortion. In this place the scene are deepest and full of harmony, all level are balanced and linear, the bass is clean for the dance club.’


Did you know about fundamental harmonic?

Planets are interconnected via magnetic field lines, which allow flux transfer events. A thought experiment is performed whereby the Sun and planets are visualized as a violin with magnetic field lines analogous to strings of the violin. Frequency calculations for vibrating strings between the Earth and Sun compare favorably with mea… Continue reading


Yellow Garden Studio

In a magical place of the Natural Park, far away 50 Kilometer from Venice, rises Yellow Garden studio.

We have a lost control-room following the banks of river, here some artist over the time, leave himself in their creativity. ‘

Our technical engineers have veteran experience in the music design, working with artists and brands such as major and independent labels. Sensibility and respect sound-touch for the underground production: Indie, Indie rock, Lo-FI, Nu-Disco, Alternative, Afro, Electronic, House, Deep House, Melodic House, Techno, Disco and Progressive House.

We recognize audio synch for Ad company, and entertainment.
YG offer experience, strategies and solution for audio-marketing-desing.

dedicated to:
Musician, Dj, Songwriter, Band, Programmer, A&R, Label Manager, Video Synch


Some mixing and consulting services for artist that have released tracks on quality labels like:

(Identified brands belong to their respective owners. )

Studio A

The Control Room

Studio A is a mid-size control room, equipped with Genelec 1038a and classic Yamaha Ns.-10. We love Ssl convert with Madi and Pre-Vca, and our configuration works in this way with oldest 79′ summing mixer modified and reconditioned.

Also love digital processor and classic outboard: Valve-Eq and Multi-Band Comp/Exp. Some equipment are hand-made.

Logic, Ableton and Protools

Control room A


Matteo Bruscagin, is the founder of YG Studio, was coming from informatics school, with passion in math and nature;  he works full-time in the business music industry, and sound architecture. He love the technology and quantum physics. A magical state of matter where we can found new rich connection between resonance, music, mind and soul.