In opposite tendency of the lovely experimental approach into the Ai mastering online tools, we back in the past with one-to-one approach, analog electron for each track.

Mixing is the quiet approach for rich some deepest image that only with a good mastering it’s no possible to touch; Mastering is only 10% of the process, analog mixing is the skill for the quality of your tracks.

This is why some major artist want solid harmonic from power amplify with VCA current; the mix of they production are different.

Check the difference with the example. Before and After.

[coming soon]

Looks! 50% of the quality of your listeners depend by which room are positioned the audio speakers. The classic correction in a normal room only with acoustic panel can not resolve all problem about decay of the bass frequency.

Working in control-room with good architecture over the physical project that result can being different. The big 3d skyline help listeners into the harmonic frequency level.


Mixing / Mastering bundle for 2/3 songs.
– (15/20 steams each track.)

Album Mix / Mastering bundle 8/12 songs.
– (for Ep of artist or a collections compilation)

Label Mix and Mastering bundle 25/50 songs years
– (for project and distribution)

(contact us for price)

How to do:

  • export all tracks in Aiff/Wave format with better resolution possible
    (16bit 44.100Hz is lowest).
  • send only entire steams.
  • during the process maintain the original volume, not normalize.
  • export all fx steam and processed tracks in wet and dry format.
  • archive all in Zip or Rar file and send with WeTransfer, Dropbox.
  • Copy the link and share it with your mp3 preview mix to the email:

Note: usually we work packet with 2/3 songs each time.

For further service, if you are a label or if you are interested to mix an album, write to us for cost estimation and dead-line calendar.